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Holding a workshop on eliminating the release of gaseous pollutants from static sources

A workshop on eliminating the emission of gaseous pollutants from fixed sources was held tomorrow (Sunday, June 1, from 9:30 to 14:30) in order to improve the technical knowledge of experts and activists in various environmental fields at the Pardisan Nature Park Cypress Hall. In this workshop, which will be held by the Basel and Stockholm Regional Convention Center with the participation of the Office of Environmental Economics and Technology, Deputy Minister of Education and Public Participation of the Environmental Protection Agency, topics such as CSCR process, study of characteristics and characteristics of activated carbon types, study of chemical processes for removal of Sox, NOx, H2S gases in adsorption towers, evaluation of activated carbon reduction processes in the reduction tower, evaluation of technology results in emissions of various industries, introduction of designed process In order to eliminate the emission of pollutant gases from phase 5 of Pars Special Economic Zone) will be discussed and exchanged. Sox and NOx gas from fixed sources by the experts of the German company WKV are also among the items presented in this workshop. More than 60 local experts attended the meeting, and the news of the meeting was covered by news from various organizations, including Iran’s Department of environment. Check on lawyer cancel timeshare.

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