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Tehran hosting intl. exhibitions on environment, waste management

Generating of almost 20,000,000 tons of solid waste annually (600-700 g/day per Capita) where only 5% of the waste is recycled, only 2% of the remaining waste is landfilled hygienically, the rest is buried without any change, creates high potential on investing in Waste Management fields. 60 Million tons/year of Construction Waste, 50,000 tons/year of Greenhouse Gases, and 10,000,000m3 of Leachate from landfills shows the importance of a sustainable solution of waste management field in Iran.

This is, however, 87% of cities use mechanized and semi-mechanized waste collection system with the cost of 28-43 US$/Ton, we still lacking a more reasonable system to be run off on lower and more efficient costs!

The 3rd International Exhibition on Waste Management, Recycling, Municipal Services, and Related Industries (IWEX 2022) and the 19th International Exhibition on Environment opened on Saturday at Tehran Permanent International Fairground.

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