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Agreement between Sharif University of Technology and the Department of Environment of Iran to empower the Basel and Stockholm Regional Centers in Iran

To strengthen research infrastructure and guide the potential of standardization in the country to solve environmental problems and achieve sustainable development goals, promote community health by improving the quality of environmental standards in the field of proper environmental management in the country, and strengthening the regional center. Basel and Stockholm signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Environment of Iran and Sharif University.

Considering that the regional centers of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions need to use the technical and specialized capacity of reputable universities to expand scientific cooperation and maintain regular exchange of information and experience with countries in the region to provide domestic developments and take advantage of international potentials. A contract was signed with the Sharif University of Technology with the Deputy of Human Environment of the Department of Environment of Iran. This center can perform its duties in the best way in presenting its regional duties at the regional level.

The issues envisaged in the mentioned contract include preparing the structure, workflow, and processes of the regional center, forming a consortium of experts, identifying, introducing, and transferring technology in the field of proper waste management to the countries of the region, holding specialized training courses at national and regional levels. Define plans and projects related to the Basel and Stockholm Conventions to attract international funds, create the necessary infrastructure to introduce the capabilities of waste recycling industries to sub-countries and other regional centers, and manage the regional center portal and provide up-to-date and relevant information. / English).

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