Business Plans

The BCRC-Iran was constituted to serve the varied needs of the Caribbean Sub-region as they relate to the understanding and implementation of environmentally sound management strategies for wastes and chemicals in accordance with the provisions of the conventions developed under various multilateral environmental agreements. The center does this by providing:
a. Appropriate training,
b. Identifying and assessing environmentally sound mechanisms for waste management and then ensuring the transfer of this technology to member countries as required,
c. Providing technical support to member countries in the form of consultancy services and
d. Ensuring that pertinent information and awareness on the issues related to current trends in waste management are disseminated to member countries.
The BCRC-Iran is expected to communicate its programs of work by developing business plans that identify priority projects implementable at a regional level. In this regard, the BCRC-Iran has developed its Business Plan for the period 2016/2019 and 2020/2023, in consultation with key stakeholders in the Caribbean, to prioritize and subsequently address issues of major concern in member and non-member countries.
2016-2019 Business plan UNEP-CHW-POPS-RC-WPLAN-024-2016-2019.English
2020-2023 Business plan UNEP-CHW-POPS-RC-WPLAN-024-2020-2023.English
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