Design, construction, and operation of anaerobic digestion pilot unit

Design, construction, and commissioning of processing lines

Design, manufacture, and operation of pet bottle self-receiving machine

Construction of the first module of waste pyrolysis unit in processing lines

Establishment of the specialized training center for waste management in Isfahan

The series of cultural and educational programs for citizens in the field of waste management

Mashhad SIMP application design

Leachate recirculation in Mashhad landfill

Construction of engineering-sanitary landfill (waste landfill) in Mashhad

Development of engineering-sanitary landfill equipped with leachate treatment plant

Compost processing and production site 2

Bioremediation of soils contaminated with petroleum compounds

Purification of hydrocarbon pollutants and improvement of groundwater quality in the Assaluyeh region

The first phase of the construction of Assaluyeh Waste Management Complex

Construction of an incinerator in the South Azadegan oil field

Studies of the integrated waste management plan in upstream oil industries

Cleaning and repairing oil-contaminated sites

Manufacturing and production of special waste disposal device using plasma technology-Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS)

Bulk waste management plan (with emphasis on on-site management)

Construction of MRF facilities in the waste transport fleet (after collection)

Change in storage form and tanks 

Cooperation between the Islamic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany

Translation of the text of the instructions written by the Secretariat of the Basel Convention

Construction of a new site for the Basel Regional Center

Preparation of instructions for environmental regulations for the use of waste-derived fuels by industries

Recycling various types of paint waste produced in different industries of the country

Air pollution monitoring system of the country

Compiling EXPORT-IMPORT REGULATION ACT 2019 and 2020 

Implementing of Minamata Convention on Mercury Management in Chlor-Alkali Plants in the Petrochemical Industry

Strengthening Institutional Capacity for the Sustainable Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste throughout the Cleaner Production Approach to Implement the Multi-lateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in I.R. Iran Oil Industry

Oil and gas drilling waste management based on bioremediation and solar desalination of the rest effluents

highly petroleum-contaminated soil bioremediation and rehabilitation

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