The main objectives of establishing the regional center of the Basel and Stockholm Conventions in Tehran:

1- Providing appropriate solutions in relation to efficient technologies for hazardous waste management through the organization, classification, and use of regional capacities is one of the goals of this center.

2- Assessing the status of hazardous waste in the region to achieve effective management strategies and access to solutions in the field of technologies to reduce the production of hazardous waste.

3- Determining and explaining the needs for attracting financial resources, and technical assistance in order to manage hazardous waste in the region.

4- Assessing the educational needs of the member countries of the region in order to promote and enhance the technical knowledge of specialists through planning and organizing intensive training courses.

5- Holding regional and international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.

6- Transfer of information and technology in the region and methods of doing it.

7- Upgrading the capacity and capabilities of national, regional, and regional authorities in order to improve the monitoring and control of transboundary movements of hazardous waste.

8- Improving and applying guidelines, standards, and laws to evaluate the environmental management of hazardous waste in the region.

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