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Number of landfills in Iran has decreased

Tehran – IRNA – head of waste management affairs at the Department of Environment (DOE) said: with the aim of controlling pollution of water and soil resources, the number of landfills in the country from 2013 to 2020 decreased from 3200 centers to 660 centers.

He stated: When the waste office became independent, a description of duties was defined for it, which monitors and monitors the environment on all centers and places of disposal of common, special, and industrial waste, reviewing and identifying units with new technologies with less waste production.

Regarding the reason for the reduction of landfills, he said: “Landfills are one of the polluting issues of the environment and water and soil resources, so reducing landfills as points of emission of pollutants into water and soil is necessary and inevitable, no matter how many neighborhoods.” Concentrate and reduce landfills, better monitor these centers, and prevent the scattering of landfills and the multiplicity of pollutants in the environment.

The head of waste management affairs at DOE said: “According to this, the number of comprehensive urban management plans increased so that from 2013 to 2020, the number of comprehensive urban waste management plans has increased from 380 to 880. In this plan, Necessary measures have been emphasized to reduce waste production, improve the pattern of consumption and recycling of materials, and develop recycling and conversion of materials into energy.

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